Our package trips from Havana set a full-time schedule interacting with Locan Cubans all the way. Suitable for US citizens who need to meet requirements for OFAC for SUPPORT FOR CUBAN PEOPLE CATEGORY OF TRAVEL.

See government rules for general licenses for this kind of travel here

Our time will be spent in private restaurants, enjoying breakfasts with local Cuban families  in their homes. There will be time to meet artists and religious leaders. Travel will be in private vehicles, using local family guides.  Our tour plan does not include paying entrance to any government owned sites, accommodations or restaurants.

Get to know and love the Cubans. We will really get to know the real Cuba and its people on this 4 day tour of Havana and Trinidad. This tour is about Support for the Cuban people. And you are going to love doing just that.

We will stay in private homes eating, drinking and dancing with locals. These Cuban people really need our support to keep their private businesses going.

Come to meet local artists, learn to play dominoes in the street and enjoy music with some fabulous musicians. Then try some private salsa lessons, meet a priest from the Santeria Afro Cuban religion and maybe visit a private farm. If you dont understand the lingo, maybe try a Spanish  lesson from a private teacher.

We will visit many private shops. People who  make and sell jewellery and homewares. Travel in classic cars owned and maintained by locals for almost 60 years . Of course we will probably drink a bit of rum and have a great time chatting with new friends. And, always, there wil be more salsa.

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