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After the announcement by the US president Donal Trump on June 16th and the Treasury Department on November 8th, it is still legal for USA citizens to visit Cuba under the “Support for The Cuban People ” category. Historical tours, nightlife tours, Local Life tours and music and dance lessons all fall under this category and involve interaction with local Cuban people and life.Our custom package tours from Havana also fit this category.

Individuals can travel under the Support for the Cuban People Category. This means that anybody can visit Cuba if they spend majority of their time interacting with the Cuban people, supporting the private sector, and supporting civil society (donating to church, synagogue or community program or offering information to entrepreneurs).

Support for the Cuban People: This category of permitted travel is regulated under Section 515.574 of the CACR. The current regulations already require that the schedule of activities of the travelers under this category may not include free time or recreation in excess of that consistent with a full-time schedule. The new regulations will also require that such full-time schedule of activities enhances contact with the Cuban people, supports civil society in Cuba or promotes the Cuban people’s independence from Cuban authorities. In addition, the new regulations will require travelers to meaningfully interact with individuals in Cuba.